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Wheels for Women

Felicia’s Donation Closet has a division called Wheels For Women. We are extremely motivated by feeling the need to help women move forward in life. Our team is very excited to announce that we are currently accepting reliable vehicles and passing them on to those who benefit! Please jump on board and share our enthusiasm in assisting those that need us!


2011 Toyota Camry Donation

Lindsey was a beautiful and loving single mom of a toddler who returned many times to the father of her son after being abused, always trusting and hopeful that he would change. She wanted them to be a family.

Jim became the dad that Lindsey loved and needed for support without judgment. They were kindred spirits and spent a lot of time together during her struggles. He would always come when she needed help and try to persuade her with love and support to leave her abuser.

Jim said Lindsey will live forever in his heart. He decided to honor her memory by donating her car to SHOW MORE LOVE to another single mom. Her 2011 Toyota Camry will be a life-changing gift to a single mom of two toddlers who need transportation. Lindsey’s legacy of love continues.

Thanks to Jeff Swafford @ Collison Masters in Waunakee and Rob Bundy @ South Street Motors in Sun Prairie for donating and coordinating car repairs. 

2005 Ford Focus Donation

Thank you to Collision Masters in Waunakee for helping the families we serve by donating this 2005 Ford Focus and for repairs on another car. Their generosity is making a difference and is greatly appreciated.


2009 Ford Fusion

Donated in 2023 by a resident of Sun Prairie.

Rob Bundy, Manager of South Street Motors in Sun Prairie, coordinated the donation and the repairs.

Recipient is a single mom with a son.

2010 Toyota Corolla

Another generous donation made a difference to a single mom!

Thank you to the Sun Prairie resident who donated the car and to South Street Motors for the repairs.

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