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Petition to Improve Charitable Gambling Laws

Petition Summary and Background

Charitable organizations are important to ensure our community is being taken care of and helping those who have fallen on hard times. The Charitable gaming laws provide a much-needed revenue for these non-profits to provide essential services. However, the strict language and definitions of the of Chapter 563 of the Wisconsin Statutes titled “BINGO AND RAFFLE CONTROL” unnecessarily limit the profits of these charitable organizations.

Help us change this by adding the definition of “Progressive Raffle Jackpot” and supplementing the term “Drawing” to ensure charitable organizations can earn more profits when holding raffles.

Action petitioned for

We, the undersigned, are concerned citizens who urge our leaders to act now to add the definition of “Progressive Raffle Jackpot means a prize that is carried over when the raffle ticket winner does not draw the assigned card from a deck of cards.” In addition, supplement the definition, “Drawing” to include a selection from a deck of cards after selecting a winning ticket.